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Featured on ChannelPro: StorageCraft Grows Partner Program

BEEN BUSY LATELY? If so, you have that in common with StorageCraft Technology Corp. The Draper, Utah-based data protection vendor has had a lot going on the last couple of years

According to Marvin Blough, StorageCraft’s vice president of worldwide sales and one of the earliest additions to Medeiros’ leadership team, the company came out of all those moves with a continuity portfolio equipped to safeguard data on desktops, servers, and virtual machines running both Windows and Linux, either on-site or in the cloud.

“We have a very robust offering,” he says. Thanks to sweeping changes introduced in October 2016, he adds, it has a similarly robust partner program as well.

“We’ve taken it from what was two years ago sort of a single-tiered program and expanded it much more into something that you would expect from a vendor that has grown to the size that we’ve grown to,” Blough says.

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