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Whether you’re a managed service provider (MSP), reseller, or distributor, we’re here to help you help your customers.

If you want a specialist to implement a disaster recovery solution for your customers, or if you need an expert to review a disaster recovery plan you’ve created, you can rely on StorageCraft Professional Services. We go way beyond break-fix support and product education to provide you with focused consultation services.

Examples of services you might need and that we provide:

  • Get assistance constructing your new backup and disaster recovery service offering

  • Have a specialist design backup and disaster recovery architecture for a complex IT environment and provide you with diagrams

  • Have our team complete an onsite installation for you and provide post-implementation documents to you

  • Receive a review of your planned design or implementation

  • Be able to ask our experts your questions about disaster recovery design or implementation

Choose from on-demand and full-service options:

Choose from on-demand and full-service options

On-demand services

When you need a second pair of eyes on your plans, an assessment of a software implementation, or help resolving a problem, a StorageCraft QuickAssist™ team member is just an email or phone call away.

Full-service options

When you need a senior disaster recovery engineer to take on a project you don’t have time for or to temporarily supplement your IT systems team, StorageCraft Professional Services has your back. We offer both design and implementation services.


Building and Configuring a StorageCraft BDR, a guide created by Pro Services

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