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Featured in MicroScope: MSPs Can Tap into Booming Demand

StorageCraft's senior director of product marketing Florian Malecki speaks to MicroScope about managed service providers' opportunity to provide storage to small and medium-sized enterprises.

"The managed services market is growing quickly, predicted to expand from $138bn in 2016 to $256bn by 2022. That’s the upside. The downside for managed service providers (MSPs) is that this growth is creating a lot of competition, as new players enter the space and try to gain a foothold. To distinguish themselves, MSPs must be creative in the services and value that they deliver. ...

"SMEs can reap game-changing benefits from a robust, scalable storage solution that eases the management headaches associated with traditional storage. For MSPs, there is a big business opportunity to deliver this service to SME customers."

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