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Data Protection

Speed and Reliability Should Be a Given

Your backup and disaster recovery solution should just work. Every time. No ifs, ands, or buts. StorageCraft leads the industry for fast, reliable recovery of systems and data.


"We never had to worry."

Find out why this service provider chose StorageCraft for data protection and disaster recovery.

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Downtime Hurts—Whether for Minutes or Hours

ShadowProtect allows you to recover data fast—anywhere, anytime.

As with most organizations, yours is surely concerned about the rising cost and rate of downtime. Downtime and data loss cost businesses revenue, productivity, customers, even reputation and brand equity. Protect your systems and data—and by extension your business—with ShadowProtect®. This backup and disaster recovery software provides peace of mind because you know you’ll be able to recover fast every single time with the resources you have on hand. 
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Be Prepared for Any Assault on Your Data

Since you never know what resources will be available to you in a disaster, flexibility is vital. ShadowProtect gives you the tools to back up systems and data, replicate them locally or in the cloud, and restore anything from a single file to complete systems throughout your network. Physical or virtual, Linux or Windows, you won't find a faster, more reliable way to recover.  

Instant Recovery

Boot a virtual machine directly from a backup image. Recover files and folders in minutes, even fail over your network in our disaster recovery cloud.

Flexible Recovery

ShadowProtect arms you with multiple ways to recover, depending on your business needs and the scale of the disaster. Restore a failed physical or virtual system to the same or new hardware or virtual environment. 

Reliable Recovery

Our backups include everything on your physical and virtual machines—the operating system, applications, settings, and data—so recovery is complete. Automated, advanced verification of backup images lets you know backups are working properly and ensures dependable, complete system recovery. 

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In every test restore and every actual restore we’ve done for our clients over the last 12 years, we’ve been 100-percent successful.

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